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January 10, 2008

The real name of the War On Terror is the War On Democracy. This documentary by John Pilger is very important for understanding the current situation not only in Latin America, but also here in the U.S. and also the Middle East, and also all of Africa and the rest of the world…  How many times have neocon pundits claimed “What Iraq needs is a Pinochet?” How long until they make the claim that what the United States needs is a Pinochet as well?


the great silence

August 8, 2007

Journalist John Pilger recently gave a powerful speach on the collusion of the media (and the democrats) with the coming of corporate dictatorship. Check out Democracy Now! for the full speach and more on John Pilger.

Harold Pinter’s subversive truth, I believe, was that he made the connection between imperialism and fascism, and described a battle for history that’s almost never reported. This is the great silence of the media age. And this is the secret heart of propaganda today. A propaganda so vast in scope that I’m always astonished that so many Americans know and understand as much as they do. We are talking about a system, of course, not personalities. And yet, a great many people today think that the problem is George W. Bush and his gang. And yes, the Bush gang are extreme. But my experience is that they are no more than an extreme version of what has gone on before. In my lifetime, more wars have been started by liberal Democrats than by Republicans. Ignoring this truth is a guarantee that the propaganda system and the war-making system will continue. We’ve had a branch of the Democratic party running Britain for the last 10 years. Blair, apparently a liberal, has taken Britain to war more times than any prime minister in the modern era. Yes, his current pal is George Bush, but his first love was Bill Clinton, the most violent president of the late 20th century. Blair’s successor, Gordon Brown is also a devotee of Clinton and Bush. The other day, Brown said, “The days of Britain having to apologize for the British Empire are over. We should celebrate.”

Like Blair, like Clinton, like Bush, Brown believes in the liberal truth that the battle for history has been won; that the millions who died in British-imposed famines in British imperial India will be forgotten—like the millions who have died in the American Empire will be forgotten. And like Blair, his successor is confident that professional journalism is on his side. For most journalists, whether they realize it or not, are groomed to be tribunes of an ideology that regards itself as non-ideological, that presents itself as the natural center, the very fulcrum of modern life. This may very well be the most powerful and dangerous ideology we have ever known because it is open-ended. This is liberalism. I’m not denying the virtues of liberalism—far from it. We are all beneficiaries of them. But if we deny its dangers, its open-ended project, and the all-consuming power of its propaganda, then we deny our right to true democracy, because liberalism and true democracy are not the same. Liberalism began as a preserve of the elite in the 19th century, and true democracy is never handed down by elites. It is always fought for and struggled for.


mayday immigrant rights rally attacked by lapd

May 4, 2007

Mass deportations and militarized brutal police actions against immigrants. We’re on dangerous, fascist ground.

Find out more at LA Indymedia.

Democracy Now! also has good coverage of the event and of the white supremacist roots of the anti-immigration movement.

“Be a Zapatista where you are”- John Ross

March 27, 2007

en solidaridad con la lucha

January 2, 2007


On January 1, 1994 the Zapatistas rose up in the state of Chiapas, Mexico for indigenous autonomy and against the corrupt government and neo-liberal free trade. “the globalization of death” as they sometimes call it. As we continue to witness the escalating horrors and disasters of neoliberal (now also commonly called neoconservative) economic and political systems, the Zapatistas continue to offer an example of effective resistance and of actualizing alternative models “where many worlds fit.” The zapatista’s Other Campaign is their current attempt at organizing a form of grassroots democracy throughout Mexico. check out for current info.

Here are some images of a mural I worked on in 2005 as part of a project which involved small groups of folks painting murals on the municipal buildings in some zapatista municipalities. The trip was a solidarity action and a way of gaining first hand experience with these people and their lives. As the zapatistas themselves said to us, “It is important for us that you are here because it means that we are not alone, and while you are here you can know that you are also not alone.” The mural was designed with input from the community on the content and imagery they wanted.