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the wonder of being alive

January 10, 2008

video of an art installation by Os Gemeos


John Fekner

July 13, 2007

Trail Markers

Oil Drum Mix

A politicized street art inspiration from the 80s (and still going). Check out his website.


April 15, 2007


February 25, 2007


Faith47 is an amazing graffiti writer from South Africa. One of her projects is to go to shanty towns in South Africa and paint murals on some of the resident’s shacks. She interacts with and forms real human connections with the community. Not only does this add extra color and positivity to the impoverished environment, she often connects the pieces to current local struggles such as instances of police brutality or rape; encouraging self-empowerment and humane consciousness.

This image is of a piece she did on Intermedia Arts during the 2006 Be-Girl Be Summit. See more images on flickr.

check out her website here.

Lady Pink

February 25, 2007


This painting by Lady Pink is from the Be-Girl Be summit at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, 2006. As part of this “celebration of women in hip hop” female graffiti writers both local, national, and international came and painted the outside of Intermedia’s building. It’s great to see an early innovator of the art form such as Lady Pink putting out imagery that is engaged with the critical social conditions of our time. And it is some funny stuff, too! The finished mural had many beautiful pieces, by many talented women, full of strength and conscious radicalism.

check out more images on flickr.

en solidaridad con la lucha

January 2, 2007


On January 1, 1994 the Zapatistas rose up in the state of Chiapas, Mexico for indigenous autonomy and against the corrupt government and neo-liberal free trade. “the globalization of death” as they sometimes call it. As we continue to witness the escalating horrors and disasters of neoliberal (now also commonly called neoconservative) economic and political systems, the Zapatistas continue to offer an example of effective resistance and of actualizing alternative models “where many worlds fit.” The zapatista’s Other Campaign is their current attempt at organizing a form of grassroots democracy throughout Mexico. check out for current info.

Here are some images of a mural I worked on in 2005 as part of a project which involved small groups of folks painting murals on the municipal buildings in some zapatista municipalities. The trip was a solidarity action and a way of gaining first hand experience with these people and their lives. As the zapatistas themselves said to us, “It is important for us that you are here because it means that we are not alone, and while you are here you can know that you are also not alone.” The mural was designed with input from the community on the content and imagery they wanted.