permanent 1984

In a recent BBC story on the new British government’s approach to the “war on terror”, new security minister Sir Alan West describes the war as a long war that directly involves changing people’s behavior and identifying potential suspects through snitching:

Former navy chief Admiral Sir Alan West blamed jihadists outside the country for influencing young Britons, and said the terror fight was a “daunting task”. He urged people to be un-British by “snitching” to the authorities.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown said he wanted a system put in place across Europe to help identify potential suspects.

Sir Alan said: “We’re talking about such a big change in the way people behave that it’s inevitably going to take 10 to 15 years, and that’s if we’re lucky, and that’s what I hope we can achieve.

Here is a particularly mindbendingly Orwellian bit from the UK’s Director of Liberty:

Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti said Sir Alan’s comments had represented an “important change in tone”, and the minister was right to want to abandon the “divisive” war on terror rhetoric.

But she said in order to expect people to report their suspicions about family members or neighbours, the government would have to “inspire a sense of solidarity” in people.

Mr Brown told Sky News the current security “watchlist” system should be expanded to create a better flow of information about “the potential recruitment or the actual recruitment” activities of terrorist groups.

“Then we may have a better idea about people coming into different countries, whether as professional recruits or in other ways, and about what the dangers and the risks that we face are.

“I think it’s very important that we tighten this up and it’s something that we are looking at as a matter of urgency,” he said.

This is happening now. It is only one more step from this to shifting the frame from “potential terrorists” to all nonconformists and people attempting to actualize alternatives to the fascist economic system. Not to mention the enslavement of all poor folks just struggling in the system.

One Response to “permanent 1984”

  1. max arouse Says:

    snitches get stitches and talkers get walkers…
    scary schtuff

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