the lonely robot

This is part two of an important BBC documentary called The Trap. It is a critique of neoliberal/neoconservative conceptions of freedom and the supremacy of the marketplace. It discusses these ideas as leading to an empty hollow shell of human life rather than real freedom. These are the theories that underly everything from No Child Left Behind, to the pharmaceutical industry, to the privatization of social programs and utilities, to the redefinition of people from citizens to consumers.

They actually interview many of the theorists who concocted the ideas and it is chilling to hear them flat out say they do not even understand how a human being could be motivated by anything other than blind self interest. Note also that when the privatization of the state is promoted by the neoliberals because the market forces are able to better organize society, this is actually the definition of fascism as the combination of state and corporate power. Chilling stuff that makes our current social situation more understandable.

This documentary was made by Adam Curtis, who also made The Power of Nightmares, an important BBC documentary about the neoconservative contstruction of Al Qaeda and the war on terror. The other two parts of The Trap and the three parts of The Power of Nightmares can be found on Google Video.

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