The Line We’re On

An insightful piece by David Levi Strauss from last year:

Over three years remain in the Bush presidency. That’s a long time for a lot more to go extremely wrong. “Aspens connected at the roots,” like Scooter Libby told Judith Miller. These thugs have got to go. The trouble is that the people who are working for them, especially the Image Management people, the “Imagineers,” are not thugs, or at least not in the same way. They are highly sophisticated manipulators of the public imaginary. To counter them requires a great deal more knowledge and finesse than we’ve been able to muster so far.

Read the whole thing at the Brooklyn Rail.


One Response to “The Line We’re On”

  1. max arouse Says:

    We could always use some good folks in the sophisticated image production world on the people’s side!

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