Privatizing 1984

From Friday’s Democracy Now:

Blackwater USA Opens Intelligence Firm
The private military company Blackwater USA has announced a new venture. Total Intelligence Solutions has been founded to provide clients with CIA-like intelligence services. The company roster includes several former intelligence officials, at least two with strong Blackwater ties. The company advertises a “24/7 intelligence fusion and warning center” that will help companies respond to threats and decide where to operate. The company also promises to “monitor civil unrest, terrorism, economic stability, environmental and health concerns, and information technology security around the world.”


Blackwater is one of the biggest private military contractors (meaning mercenaries). They have many operations in Iraq and are closely connected to the neoconservative permanent war architects. Now it seems they will be branching out into privatized, mercenary domestic surveillance including “monitoring civil unrest”- quite possibly a worrisome euphemism for legitimate anti-corporate dissent given their ideological leanings. Not only will we have the government’s illegal, secret, domestic spy programs but now also a completely unaccountable privatized fascist secret police?

more coverage from Democracy Now of Blackwater USA, their history and connections to the neo-conservatives can be found here.

check out Blackwater USA’s own website.


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